First things:
The Electric Maid is a third space; a community living room of sorts.  A place for the people of a community or neighborhood to come together; such social gatherings are as old as human civilization itself, from the gathering of the first humans around fire to the marketplace of medievality through the church gathering of the Reformation, the salons of the Enlightenment, the town green and the neighborhood pub, barbershop, coffeehouse and park. 

We're a place in the community for all the people of Takoma, Old Takoma and Takoma Park to gather: attend art shows, listen to live music, hold a meeting, lead or take a class, grab a cup of coffee or a snack, meet, mingle, gather, hang out, enjoy free WiFi, get out of the heat or snow or wind or rain. We're not a bar, we're not a coffeehouse, we're not a church, we're not a cult, we don't really care if you just hang out and don't buy anything, we openly encourage loitering and soliciting on the premises.  Some events are BYOB, most events are all-ages and dry. We try to host a potluck regularly. It's not uncommon for folkies to open for hardcore bands. We're a safe space.
Board of Directors:
Doug Carter, President
Open Seat, Vice President
Dr. Carol Goter-Robinson, Treasurer
Joel Pomerantz, Secretary
Open Seat,  At-Large Member
The Electric Maid, which shares a Board of Directors with its parent organization, Friends of Old Takoma, is currently exploring candidates for two board seats. If you are interested in these openings or simply would like more information, please send a letter of inquiry to us describing your qualifications for the position .
Coordinator Staff:
The Electric Maid is run by a collective of volunteers, with four working groups: outreach & community development; core staff & facilities maintenance; booking & activity use; general event staff and other activities. 
The Electric Maid is currently looking for a part-time Outreach and Development Coordinator to serve as our community spokesperson; conduct organizational outreach; produce written content for our website and facilitate community involvement in our support network.  Strong preference will be given to candidiates with previous experience in community activism, social media skills, and contacts in the local community.  If you are interested in this opening or simply would like more information, please send an e-mail describing your interest in the position .
The Electric Maid is currently looking for a volunteer Programming Coordinator to coordinate bookings of concerts, events and workshops; manage our events calendar; curate art exhibitions and cultural events; oversee a staff of 3-5 bookers and maintain contacts with a variety of outside promoters.  Strong preference will be given to candidiates with previous booking experience and/or gallery-shown artists with a strong knowledge of the local DC arts scene looking to expand their experience to include professional-level arts curation.  If you are interested in this position or simply would like more information, e-mail us .
The Electric Maid is currently looking for an unpaid Volunteer Coordinator to actively recruit and facilitate our collective of 15-25 volunteer staffers performing duties including staffing the space during event hours, running sound during shows, assisting coordinator staff on ongoing projects.  Other duties might include working with intern staff seeking credit hours, or artists staffing on an in-kind basis. Position is ideal for candidates looking to break into leadership positions in the activism or non-profit fields.  If you are interested in this position, e-mail us .